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What We Do

We are a B2B Rental services company

Our main goal at the B2B Rental business is to mainly perform with Fleet customers, Rent a Car companies and tailored corporate Rental.

We do Re-Marketing for Professionals of our Cars and Commercial vehicles.

PCRS Market Approach

We create opportunities to explore and develop the best solutions for our customers and suppliers in order to innovate and develop partnerships.


We provide the channels to our customers and an entire range of services to deal, transport, as well as all the necessary requirements to have the final product with the best and exclusive offers for your business.


What We Do

Re-Marketing Segments

Generalist Offer
Premium Offer
Exclusive Offer




RAC Rent Back
B2B Medium term Rental
B2B Long Term Rental

B2B Rentals

Medium Term for Fleet customers and Rent a Car

B2B Services

Long term Rental for Fleet customers and Rent a Car

B2B Re-Marketing

Re-Marketing of Fleets of Automotive Brands, Rent a Car companies and also of Fleet Companies


Who We Are

Our company is based in Lisbon and we are professionals with an experience back ground at Automotive Industry, working several years with Automotive Brands. We have International network for develop business at European wide.

Ricardo Mello Castro

Managing Director

Country Sales Manager – Volkswagen Commercial Vehícles Brand
Key Account Manager – Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
Product Manager – VW Passanger Cars

Johann Schad

Managing Director

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Thomas Junggaard

Managing Director

Managing Director at Avex Automotive GmbH & Co.KG


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